How do we work?

We Consider Ideas We select the most promising ideas suggested by participants who are top global accelerators. Our team explores the largest platforms, patent agencies, and idea portals. In the beginning stage, it is important to perform a comprehensive analysis of an idea and market capabilities and make sure that a certain business idea is capable of fulfilling respective tasks.
We Invest What about developers and idea inventors? We buy 70-80% of shares, since the idea itself is worth nothing without further implementation, and that is what we are responsible for.
We Turn An Idea Into A Startup It takes 30-90 days to prepare an idea for what can be called a startup with a proper business plan, prototype, idea protection documents, business model, etc.And a simply cool idea whose initial estimated cost is $1000 to $50,000 becomes a ready-made startup that isattractive for mentors and has already been estimated to be tens or hundreds of times more expensive.
GettingProfit We sell 2/3 of stakes in a startup that wIn this stage, we cover all our preparation costs, operating costs, return deposits and interests due thereon to private investors and get a profit. During 6-18 months, we receive a net income in the form of dividends from the remaining stake in a project, and then we sell it when the price is at its peak.
Legal Support For Idea Inventors After selling a startup that has already become attractive, the idea inventor receives dividends that are greater than the initial price of the idea. He is offered one of management positions in a business that his startup has turned into. Besides, we provide legal assistance in all these processes protecting our clients’ interests.
What we offer to private investors?
StartUp Glade - is a platform through which private investors can make money from investing in promising valuable startups together with the company. By joining Startup Glade, investors get a reliable partner with a professional team of analysts who specialize in various areas. StartupGlade has both operational and investment experience gained in the United States, Israel, Russia, India, and China. StartUp Glade - is your reliable partner! Investment Club

What we offer to entrepreneurs?
It often happens that startups fail not due to a bad idea but due to poor organization or managerial incompetence. StartUp Glade – is a reliable launching pad for your idea into global investments. And we are a kind of producers who take on your project (checking if it is viable and unique) making it attractive to an end buyer. You should know that after buying a stake in your startup, we will immediately begin to prepare it for selling and in a month, we will call you and make a super offer that You cannot refuse. StartUp Glade - intrust your ideas to professionals! Idea Club
Get the opportunity to buy a stake in a promising startup and receive big dividends.

Why StartUp Glade?

StartUp Glade - is a company for all startup market participants, in particular, developers, private investors, and professional mentors.
By connecting to StartUp Glade startup platform you will enjoy comprehensive support of our specialists. We will help you turn your idea into a promising startup, we will offer the best investment options for you, minimize your risks and trash out detailed promotion and investment plans.
Individual approach Choosing the best solution for your tasks and budget.
5 years of successful work in business StartUp Glade's team started out as a subsidiary of a large business development investment fund. Today, StartUp Glade cooperates with a large number of venture and seed funds, business angels, startup portals, and the company's database includes over a thousand promising investment-attractive projects related to various industries from different countries.
Range of all services The company offers comprehensive solutions for businesses and investors from startup registration to getting maximum profit. StartUp Glade facilitates entrepreneurs to quickly find first investments for their projects, helps investors invest effectively and make a profit and also helps professional mentors to profit from this process.
Security and anonymity We will ensure the security for your projects and ideas and take steps to protect owners’ privacy. Comprehensive legal support for participants of Idea Club and security of deposits for participants of Investment Club.

StartUp Glade's business directions:


For example, ModiFace startup helps choose the right makeup using facial recognition technologies and augmented reality.
Sketchon project offers printing temporary tattoos based on a client’s design.
for businesses
Startups that promotes scaling your businesses and becoming more efficient.
AI and
machine learning
Unique learning experience and networking.
Cybersecurity startups respond to new hacking methods by using improved technology and new protection methods.
The cybersecurity market has grown to $120 billion.
The online gaming industry keeps growing:
Today, startups that help professional gamers improve their gaming strategies became popular.
Such platforms are based on artificial intelligence.
By 2021, the turnover of this market
has become $1.65 billion.
Augmented reality apps for marketplaces:
virtual fitting of goods, booking rooms and transport, renting rooms for tourists around the globe.

Our latest projects implemented:

Investment amount: 15.700$
Implementation period: 30 days
Startup value: 31.800$
Estimated profit: 276.000$
Initial rating: 733 from 1000
IRR profitability: 84%
Investment amount: 20.000$
Implementation period: 20 days
Startup value: 54.100$
Estimated profit: 470.000$
Initial rating: 454 from 1000
IRR profitability: 89%
Investment amount: 23.200$
Implementation period: 31 days
Startup value: 88.900$
Estimated profit: 866.000$
Initial rating: 613 from 1000
IRR profitability: 85%
Investment amount: 12.300$
Implementation period: 37 days
Startup value: 39.900$
Estimated profit: 452.000$
Initial rating: 624 from 1000
IRR profitability: 79%
Investment amount: 21.200$
Implementation period: 33 days
Startup value: 61.100$
Estimated profit: 174.000$
Initial rating: 396 from 1000
IRR profitability: 68%
P2P car rental "SizenCar"
Investment amount: 16.600$
Implementation period: 29 days
Startup value: 46.700$
Estimated profit: 377.000$
Initial rating: 610 from 1000
IRR profitability: 81%
Investment amount: 18.400$
Implementation period: 37 days
Startup value: 38.400$
Estimated profit: 290.000$
Initial rating: 588 from 1000
IRR profitability: 69%
Investment amount: 52.000$
Implementation period: 45 days
Startup value: 347.400$
Estimated profit: 860.600$
Initial rating: 741 from 1000
IRR profitability: 88%
Geomatrix predictiv analytics
Investment amount: 33.500$
Implementation period: 41 days
Startup value: 64.300$
Estimated profit: 568.000$
Initial rating: 543 from 1000
IRR profitability: 76%
Investment funds working with us:
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